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Words recently used…

… that I don’t normally use: Bloody (as in bloody Macs) Snob Goggles That is all. PS- I also used the phrase ‘intensely adequate’ the other day. It’s very closely related to the phrase ‘intensely mediocre’ which I’ve used in the past to describe some movies.

No Respect

Tonight, after working late I was driving home and decided to stop and eat… But the resteraunt (Panakoeken Huis) was closed! at 9:00! It was 9:03. Crap for crap. Went to a different restaraunt (Boston Market)… closed. Went to McDonalds… they’re open! Ordered a Crispy Chicken meal… total $4.65. I open my wallet and find […]

Watch me for only $20

For the low, low price of $20 (or 1 easy payment of just $20) you can be a “Virtual Registrant” for the Internet Evangelism for the 21st Century conference. It happens this coming weekend! You will have access to the workshops both in realtime streaming and from a video on demand service for at least […]