Apr 14 2005

Google Video Upload

Aaron beat me to it: Google has launched a video upload service.

So it’s Google vs. OurMedia huh? I wonder who will get the lion share of the video? Will Yahoo or MSN take up the challenge?

I *really* like the idea of being able to charge for a video… perhaps giving away a small (320×240) version on OurMedia and charging a small fee for a full res one (720×480) on Google?

This could be a real boon for content creators to distribute fan films, art films, training films, tutorials, porn, etc.

Is Google Video the new DVD (cheap easy way to get your video seen by the world)? Perhaps…

Apr 11 2005

Free VideoBlogging Seminar

Aaron Flores‘ Videoblogging session from the Internet Evangelism for the 21st Century Conference is available online FREE. You can watch it over that the conference site. If you like it, you watch the rest of the streams for only $20, including my podcasting session(s) and the Blogging Session starring Will Samson, Steve Knight, Stephen Shields, DJ Chuang and myself.

Apr 9 2005

Raising Arizona in Asheville, NC

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Apr 2 2005

Car Ride Vlog

Some thoughts on the road home from Lynchburg…

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Apr 2 2005

Why Vlog?

Awhile back I recorded this video… I’m calling it “Why Vlog?”

In it I ask some questions that have been answered this weekend- by meeting a real vlogger and seeing the real potential of this medium.

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Apr 2 2005

My first Vlog

I vlogged Aaron Flores vlogging a member of the audience of the Vlogging Workshop at the Internet Evangelism conference. Check it out:

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