Apr 19 2005

Conversatio Fide (conversations of faith)

While I was in Charlotte I was part of a podcast at Conversatio Fide (via Skype), on the topic of Technology and the (emerging) Church. The ‘cast also includes Jen Lemen, DJ Chuang, and Aaron Klinefelter (host).

It almost didn’t happen… DJ’s DSL was being fussy, as was Dustin‘s (the house I was at that night). But, in the end, everything was up an running and it happened, just a bit later than planned.

MP3 Link

Mar 22 2005

Finally. A podcast.

I shouldn’t beat myself up over my lack of podcasting lately, but I do.

I forget that I do podcast weekly (bluer).

However, I definitely bit off more than I could chew, and way more than what would fit into my already overstuffed life.

So it comes to this: bluer: weekly. ThoughtRefinery: monthly. Creative Church: blog more, podcast when appropriate.

Latest podcast: Thought Refinery #3

Jan 29 2005

Second Podcast

Thought Refinery #2 is up, this time I take you on a sound seeing tour of the grocery store.

Jan 19 2005

First Podcast

My first podcast ever is live.

It may not sound like me due to the nasty cold I had, but trust me… it was me… yeah.

Anyways, enjoy, and please send me comments! 😉

Dec 31 2004

Is this thing on?

I finally had a chance to sit down and play with my new audio set-up today.

The MXL vocal condenser mic sounds great. The sound board works wonderfully and I’m really just overjoyed at the quality of gear I got for such low prices (thanks for the help Dan!).

In fact, I have a 5 minute clip of a test reading of Alice in Wonderland (full audio book coming soon!). Warning: this is raw, unedited and unrehearsed. The final product will be much better produced. Stay tuned to the end for some kitty hijinks.