May 3 2005

Auto Podcast Feed Maker

In response to DJ Chuang’s request, I hacked together a screen scraper/RSS podcast maker script.

Basically it grabs the HTML from a page, finds the MP3 links and creates a RSS feed out of them. Some of the code is borrowed from various sources on the net (thanks Google).

WARNING: You could really piss off the recipient of the traffic this can generate. I take no responsibility for what you do with this, it’s a proof of concept, use it at your own risk.

I’m offering up the source code for someone else to take it and run with it, I don’t have the time of energy to improve it beyond where it is.

Grab the source file (zipped PHP file).

Mar 27 2005

eChurch Podcasting notes

Tim Bednar over at eChurch shares some podcasting observations and how he uses Skype to record.

Ten Things I’ve Learned Podcasting and how to record using Skype

Mar 22 2005

Battle Star Galactica Podcast has a Battle Star Galactica podcast! it’s a commentary that you can listen to as you watch the show. I’m not sure how that works on a first viewing, but it’d work great if you… say… used BitTorrent to download every episode and could watch them at will. Not that I’m saying anyone did that.

Anyways, it’s really cool to see a major cable network using podcasting.

This thing could just change the world yet 😉

Battle Star Galactica Podcast

Dec 21 2004

Podcasting ideas

Been considering some different podcasting ideas lately, have seen two done by others first. You snooze you lose 😉

Not that there isn’t room for multiple podcasts done while driving home from work, or word of the day podcasts, but I wasn;t the first. I’ll just have to live with that.

I’ve got two other ideas I’m hoping to start doing starting in January.

I’m ordering some better mics. My Shure lav mic is great, but can’t beat a standard mic and I don’t need to conceal the mic if you can’t see me 😉