May 9 2005

Bittersweet Symphony

The First Law of Sampling: The amount of sampling allowed, even with an agreement with the record company, is inversely proportionate to the amount of money that could be garnered by suing over the sample.

The Second Law of Sampling: The number of former managers, band members, and rights holders willing to sue over the smallest sample, even buried under layers of original instrumentation, is directly proportinate to the popularity of the song that contains the sample.

The Third Law of Sampling: If it goes to court, you’re probably screwed (and/or broke) whether you win or not.

The Fourth Law of Sampling: Even if you manage to settle out of court, you still may lose your livelihood, your band, and possibly your mind.

The First Law of Dealing with People Used to Making Money for the Rest of Their Lives for a 5 Minute Song They Created 20 Years Ago (and possibly did not even create, but merely purchased the rights to): They are a bunch of greedy, greedy people. Stay away from them, and don’t sample their songs under any circumstances, you’ll probably regret it.

Read all about the Bittersweet Symphony

It’s a good thing we now have Creative Commons to bring some sanity to this mess!

Dec 29 2004

iTunes: 80 cent tracks

In case you’ve missed it, Amazon has a great deal – buy 4 $15 itunes cards – get 5th card free – so in essence you get 75 tracks for $60 bucks. It ends 1/2/05 so hurry.

I’m not a huge fan of pay-to-download music. I prefer to buy CDs and rip them or download RIAA free music (FRIAA – pronounced ‘Free-Ah’) but I figure somebody out there might dig this.

via Matthew

Nov 6 2003


If you don’t own this album… well… buy it. Really. It’s that good.

Over The Rhine: Ohio (2 CD Set)

Don’t worry about the “warning” there. They make it sound like she swears all over the record… I think she drops the F-bomb once. Once. In a 2 disc set. If you can’t handle that, I hope you are holed up in your house (or church) because we live in a dirty, fallen, fucked up world and occasionally you’re going to hear someone swear. So often people are obsessed with how they appear outwardly and forget that God could care less about outward appearances. Not I condone excessive swearing, but sometimes you just need to drop some serious language to fully express yourself. Next time you want to get all high and mighty on someone who swears, look at your own life first. I’m guessing you have your own issues that are just as bad, or worse, than a foul mouth.

So… umm… yeah. Buy Ohio 😉