Apr 5 2005

Battlestar Galactica: Uncut, Commercial Free, Online

The SciFi Channel is offering 33, Episode 1 of the Battlestar Galactica miniseries, uncut and commercial free – on their website.

It’s a RealVideo stream, but on a good connection it looks great and would look better on a TV.

This is a real step forward, I hope SciFi keeps this up- and others follow.

Jan 20 2005

Guilty Pleasure Movies

Michael Geoghegan of Reel Reviews asked for “Guilty Pleasures” movies.

For me, my #1 is Flash Gordon. Gotta love that soundtrack.

BMX Bandits is a close second. I loved this movie as a kid.

More guilty pleasures can be found here:
Give it up – Name Your Guilty Pleasure

Nov 5 2003


I watched Raiders last night on DVD! I had forgotten how much fun that movie was. Sure some of the special effects look dated, but Indy has 10 times more story than any effects laden blockbuster out today… and in the end, it’s the story that matters. The surround mix wasn’t in your face- it was just there- which is good. I barely noticed it, but did notice that I was totally ‘into’ the film.

Indiana Jones