Jan 3 2005

I dream of Curry

Last night I had a dream… a dream about Adam Curry.


I was in a Starbucks (one in a larger store, like a Target). Adam was behind the counter when I got up there to order my Tall Carmel Frappacino. I ordered it with an odd French kind of accent and Adam commented on that. Then he left the counter and headed into the store. I followed after him (leaving my drink) to say hi. I did the typical fanboy line “I love your podcast and listen to it everyday.” I told him I’d be starting my own soon.

I then followed him around the store a bit. He had sunglasses on and two of those blind person canes, on in each hand. He seemed a little out of it, and knocked some stuff off a shelf and dropped his bag. Inside was an RC battery still in the package. He muttered something about needing a way to get things out of there in winter. Then I grabbed a fishing pole off the rack (I don’t fish). He went to look at something farther away and I went to follow, then Adam just left the store. I tried to follow, but the alarm went off (sound, lights, the works) so I instead went and paid for my drink.

Then I woke up and wrote this post.

My interpretation?
I listened to the Daily Source Code yesterday morning, scraped wallpaper at a friend’s(who happens to manage a Starbucks) house all day (exhausting work), and had too much Honey Weiss late last night.

Feb 8 2004

Dream a little dream

I don’t usually remember my dreams but I did this morning so here it is:

So (in my dream) I wake up in the middle of the night and need to pee. I’m in my parents house in WI. I walk into the bathroom and water is pouring out of a ‘patch’ in the ceiling (no patch exists IRL). I look outside and it’s pouring rain (in the dead of winter). I grab a flashlight and go upstairs (there is no 2nd floor IRL, water is pouring out of a patch in a interior ceiling). I walk by my parents room and hear my Mom snoring — my dad must be working ovetime. I ‘crawl’ down the hallway (naked, for some odd reason) and sense a disturbance at the end of the hallway. The cat (not either of my parent’s cats, but a cat) senses it too, but I don’t see anything. Then I sense it move and go into the room next to me. A ‘force’ whips through the room and I think “it’s a ghost.” I realize I’m in my brothers room (in the basement IRL) and then leave. Then I see an ‘alcove’ full of security gear, tv equipment and a giant phone. I notice how big and nice the TV is in the alcove (no alcove exists IRL). I think I see my foster sister at this point but I’m not sure. Suddenly I’ve got pants and a coat on and I’m outside talking to my Dad explaining the situation. to him. He’s just come home from work and it’s early morning. He’s telling me to go through stuff and figure out what to dry and what to throw. I ask about stuff in the fridge and he says something I don’t remember (I don’t remember being in the kitchen to witness any water damage there). Then I see stuff from the fridge all over my parents driveway and I wake up.