May 20 2005

John Musick time-delay blogging from Nashvegas

My Pastor is blogging (slightly delayed) from the Emergent Conference in Nashville this week.

Read all about his adventures in the “most secret place” and hear his thoughts on all the creative and dangerous people he’s been hanging out with.

Apr 12 2005

Internet Evangelism for the 21st Century conference Wrap-up Article

Liberty posted a wrap-up story about the conference. You can read it here: Liberty University Hosts Internet Evangelism Conference

Aaron commented on it over at The Voiz.

Apr 11 2005

Free VideoBlogging Seminar

Aaron Flores‘ Videoblogging session from the Internet Evangelism for the 21st Century Conference is available online FREE. You can watch it over that the conference site. If you like it, you watch the rest of the streams for only $20, including my podcasting session(s) and the Blogging Session starring Will Samson, Steve Knight, Stephen Shields, DJ Chuang and myself.

Apr 2 2005

Car Ride Vlog

Some thoughts on the road home from Lynchburg…

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Apr 2 2005

Podcasting Session Notes

Here are the notes from my podcasting workshop:

Podcasting and Internet Evangelism Session Notes [PDF 80k]

For hosting, also check out for free podcasting/vlogging hosting.

For recording, check out
Super MP3 Recorder Pro, recently used by Adam Curry on the Daily Source Code

For a freeware option, try All2Wav paired with RazorLAME

Apr 2 2005

Links for Blogging Session

Here are the links mentioned in the blogging session- this is incomplete- I’ll add the rest when I can watch the archive video.

Blogging Panel

Blogging Services

Ping this

Blog Search

Blooging tutorials