May 24 2005

What is the Gospel?

Humanly speaking, it is possible to understand the Sermon on the Mount in a thousand different ways. But Jesus knows only one possibility: simple surrender and obedience – not intrepreting or applying it, but doing and obeying it. That is the only way to hear his words. He does not mean for us to discuss it as an ideal. He really means for us to get on with it.

–Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Dan preached a great message calling bluer to act on our beliefs. It was convicting (I’ve passed my share of homeless while rushing to church).

Give it a listen: Dan Lukas- What is the Gospel?

Mar 18 2005

The Un-Wisdom of the Church?

James Surowiecki just published a book on The Wisdom of Crowds. At a recent Emerging Technologies conference, he gave a speech about the “Un-Wisdom” of crowds and how herding and group think can dimish the intelligence of a group.

I think the parallels to the Church are potentially staggering here…

Have you ever met a Christian who seems to know only what they’ve read in Christian books and heard at conferences? Someone who switches their theology whenever they switch pastors, mentors, churches, etc.?

Are we as a Church getting collectively dumber or smarter? Do mega TV evangelists with devoted followers increase the knowledge of God and his Kingdom, or diminish it?

Are we all meant to be carbon copy Christians?

Just thinking out loud here folks, don’t burn me at the stake… yet. 😉

Read the Transcipt here

Feb 2 2004

Where’s the harvest?

Less than 1% of those who come to Christ do so as a result of an evangelistic crusade. No more than 4% say they are influenced by local church programs or worship services. Fully 80% come to faith “because a friend or family member cared for me until I accepted Christ.” –

Wow. Powerful stats to support relational evangelism- a favorite of the emerging church.

Source: Steve Knight

Nov 16 2003

“15 Theses” For A New Reformation

“15 Theses” For A New Reformation

Nov 16 2003

“What is the Church?” part 2

The Church = expressing and growing our Love for God and each other.

That’s it.

The methods, structures, ideologies, theologies, denominations, and hierarchies may differ but that’s it in a nutshell for me.

Nov 16 2003

“What is the Church?”

Last night someone told me they didn’t feel like bluer was a “real church.” It wasn’t a slam- but he felt something was missing. I asked him: “What is a church?” He didn’t really have an answer.

Well here’s my answer — *tonight* being a real church meant:

Taking my pastor’s kids for the night so he can have a night off with his wife.

Praying before the service with friends.

Watching my friend who used to always be behind the computer running PowerPoint deliver his first sermon.

Pouring out my heart to God during a passionate and spirit filled worship time led by my good friend that I just helped move into his new house (then played Xbox with until 2 a.m.).

Praying for a friend who’s going through some rough times.

Going out to eat after the service and having a blast.

Talking with my pastor until 2 a.m. about the service/the church/the future.

If that isn’t church… what is? I’m so thankful for bluer and the incredible community we have. Without bluer, I probably wouldn’t be saved right now. I definitely wouldn’t have the relationship with God that I have. If we’re missing anything, it’s more of what we’ve already got: Love — for each other and for God. And, as someone wiser than me said: All you need is Love.