Jan 5 2005

Finding God at the Mall of America?

My pastor was be featured last Saturday on National Public Radio’s ‘Weekend America.’ NPR’s Heather MacElhatton attended one of our Saturday gatherings and interviewed John as they walked through the Mall of America looking for God (or John’s perspective on God’s perspective on things at least).

I think it’s pretty fair and balanced piece, except for the “bluer is for younger, hipper Christians” line. I’m so tired of that box being put on us… Sure we have many young people and many are hip (depends on what your definition of hip is), but that’s not what we are, or why we’re here, it’s just what we happened to look like at the moment. Oh well. Can’t win ’em all 😉 Then again, am I young and hip because I go to bluer? Hmmm….

Through My God’s Eyes

Listen Here (RealAudio)

Feb 9 2004

I’m loving it

Our Alt.Worship gathering on Saturday centered on Love and was awesome! It was a blast to actually create it ourselves instead of borrowing it from the Brits ;-). Our 6 member team put together 3 stations and a worship set complete with various scripture readings on love. Very cool. Can’t wait until next month.


Jan 26 2004

Community of the Way

My Pastor is doing a series on the “Community of the Way.” What is a COTW you might ask? Well… it’s a community of people following “the Way” (Jesus). It’s an communal adaption of the term for early Christians: “followers of the Way.”

I’m really digging it. You can listen to the first 2 sermons on the bluer site if you so desire. I’d encourage it. I mean… I tried it.