Jan 13 2006

Bluer on Nightline…Tonight!

Bluer on ABC Nightline

Barring breaking news, natural disasters, acts of God, etc. Bluer will be featured in a segment about emerging churches on ABC Nightline tonight at 10:35 CT (11:35 ET).


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Dec 27 2005

Get nekkid for Jesus?

IN THE beginning was the word of God and God never said anything about brassieres or boxer shorts. Thus was born Natura, America’s first Christian nudist camp.

After two years of biblical debate over Adam and Eve and their fig leaves and whether or not nudity is sinful, a 67-year-old Quaker grandfather is preparing to open a modern-day Garden of Eden 40 miles north of Tampa, Florida.

So… yeah. I don’t know what to think about this. The Lutheran fundemental in me screams “Heresy!” but… is that doctrine or just cultural mores talking?

If it’s not sexual (some would argue that’s impossible, but the founders say it is) and not lustful (ditto)… is it sin?

And even if it’s not sinful… is it even a good idea? Or is it just the thing our over-sexualized culture needs?

Discuss below 😉

Christians strip to build a new Eden

Dec 3 2005

Look ma, I’m on the TV!

Well John and Jen blogged it so I guess I can too…

Bluer, the small community of faith I belong to, is going to be featured on ABC Nightline news.

Yeah. It takes a while to sink in.

I’ve been told I cannot, under any circumstances, wear my monkey shirt. Which is cool, because I vowed to never wear it to church after the first time – it was so distracting some people completely missed the scripture I was reading… and that’s just not cool.

Monkey Scratch and Sniff T-shirt

John asked:

…please pray that somehow the Kingdom is served by this.



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Nov 22 2005

A fool for Christ

Powerful stuff:

What if this is my epiphany, LJ, and I accept the path you offer, rejecting the claims to know what you assert to be mere magical fantasy and pure self-delusion? If I choose the life you offer–the life of “intellectual honesty� and contempt for those less wise, the life of mockery of men so foolish as to pray, the life of lofty intellect, of propositional knowledge devoid of positional experience–what’s in it for me? You see, I am a selfish man, and have no interest in accepting a gift horse without checking its teeth.

But, you see, I have looked in that nag’s mouth. The mane is glorious but the mouth is toothless–the horse will starve, slowly but surely. For I have already chosen the life you offer, and found it wanting, and empty, and joyless, and lonely.

Read The Choice of Fools

Nov 22 2005

Daily Dig

I’ve been receiving the Daily Dig emails from the Bruderhof communities for quite some time now. I usually read the brief bit in the email, but rarely click through to the full article – I never feel like I have the time. But, strangely enough, I save them… every one… in a folder in my email inbox.

Anyways, check it out. There’s some great stuff there.

Quote of the Day

Note: In all transparency, I wrote this post to get a free book (you can too) but I wouldn’t have written it if I didn’t find the Daily Dig valuable. Books for links: what a great idea — I like those Bruderhof folks more each day!

Oct 2 2005

Riding tall bikes for Christ

MPR did a story on the Scallywags (the tall bike people)! All the Scallywags I’ve met are amazing people with astounding stories of how God has changed their lives. Very cool stuff. Check it out.

If you’ve ever seen a member of the Minneapolis Scallywags Bike Club pedaling down the street, you’ll probably never forget the image. They ride tall bikes — made from bicycle frames stacked and welded together. The Scallywags ride to bring attention to their faith in Christ.

Riding tall bikes for Christ