“The Secret” is not so secret

Well, “The Secret” is out… and it’s not a secret, it’s just a genius marketing ploy.

Here’s the secret: The “Law” of Attraction. It’s been published and republished over the years… and “The Secret” is just the latest rehash.

Ask (the universe), Believe (it will give you anything you want), Receive (whatever you asked for). If you don’t get what you want… you did it wrong, or didn’t really believe, etc.

It’s a hoax, a lie, and in a new development… DEMONIC!

Following the phenomenal sales of The Secret edited by Rhonda Byrne, which itself was based on the film The Secret, now Esther and Jerry Hicks have come out with a DVD whose subtitle is The Secret Behind The Secret. Called Abraham, the name of the non-physical entity whom Esther channels, the DVD runs for three hours and focuses on the law of attraction, which is the deepest secret of The Secret. The DVD is available from Hay House ($39.95, 9781401919023/1401919022).

Just exactly what is a “non-physical entity” that channels itself through people? The Bible calls them demons…

The Secret piqued my curiosity, but in the end I knew there was no ‘secret.’ Don’t be fooled folks. The movie, the book, and anything these people say is just a lie wrapped in pseudo spiritual/scientific babble.

Oprah fell for it and told all her viewers to buy it… how sad.