1970 Asbury College Revival

I stumbled across this video today, and it’s fascinating. I’ve heard stories of revivals… Brownsville, Toronto, etc. but this video about the Asbury revival of 1970 captures something more… it stirs my soul in way the ‘wild’ revival stories don’t.

They prayed, God moved, people responded, and it spread through everyday folks, not revival preachers.

How great is our God? 😉

In 1970, at Asbury College, in Wilmore, Kentucky; revival broke-out during a morning chapel service. Dr. Dennis Kinlaw, the president of Asbury College at the time, describes the revival in a sermon, mixed with actual footage.

1970 Asbury College Revival

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  • Christy Merry Says:

    hey – I can’t get sound right now, so can’t watch the video, but my sister’s been telling me of a series of revival meetings in your area right now – Doug Stanton is visiting & preaching (I forget where he is visiting from, but I know I saw him speak about 10 yrs ago tho’ I don’t recall it…)…and a little boy had his broken foot healed during worship (I don’t even think he was being prayed for) and a woman’s knees were healed also? etc. Wish I was around! Anyway, you might want to talk to her for more details if you want to go…

    The main revival I was a part of was back in my days at Moody Bible Institute…it started at Howard Payne University, traveled to Wheaton, then to Moody – in fact a group I co-led invited some of the Wheaton students who’d experienced it to come talk to Moody students. The meeting in our little room was packed out, we had to move all the chairs out, so many people came… and then later that month, a few students came to share in our chapel at 10 am in the morning…and after that, people just started confessing their sins…and kept doing so…the power of the Spirit was so heavy – we broke for dinner and met again in the evening. That went on for a day or 2 (with many classes cancelled) until the school decided there’d been ‘enough’ confessing & we should move into a time of thanksgiving. But people were really changed through it – we’d become vulnerable with one another, were knit together and praying for one another, and a lot of people who were very skeptical of the role of emotions in their faith came to understand how emotions are different from ’emotionalism’…that they are part of the ‘whole’ of us we are to give to God. It was pretty amazing. One of the few professors in the school who did not believe in the ‘cessationist’ viewpt. (for those who don’t know, cessationism is the belief that healing, prophecy, tongues etc. were only for the starting of the church and were finished when the last ‘apostle’ died) who was only at the school for a 2-yr. stint and I had adopted as something of a mentor, had told me sometime after we met that he felt God had shown him there would be a revival while he was there. Crazy……..

    Anyway, sorry for hijacking your blog! I just love stories about when God is so obviously present & changing people & whole communities…

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