Haunting cover of “Hey Ya”

I like this better than the original (see below).

Mat Weddle of Obadiah Parker – “Hey Ya” (Outkast Cover)

Here’s an MP3 for your iPod:

Read the lyrics.

I’m sitting here trying to figure out what Outkast is trying to say with “Hey Ya.”

He talks about sleeping around, the hookup culture, sex without connection, and thanks God that “Mom and Dad knew how to stay together.” Unlike the current generation (know for starter marriages and booty calls).

But the entire video is the very thing he seems to decry, or does he? Women are objectified, urged to ‘shake it like a Polaroid picture’ and guys are urged to be ‘ice cold’ – detached from their heart and soul.

It’s hard to say. Is it a subtle attack on the free sex culture, or a celebration of it?

Do people who ‘love’ this song realize what they are singing about? Or do they just like the catchy chorus and funky beat?

Even if now they treat sex as somethign that’s ‘no big deal,’ don’t weall want to find true love – the kind that is fathful and lasts forver. You know, a soulmate?

It’s funny. When I listen to the cover, I hear the ache and heartbreak over a culture gone too far. Over people in denial that they can just ‘fool around’ and not wreak havoc on their souls.

When I listen to the original, I hear/see a celebration of excess, casual sex, and objectification.

So what is the real message? Why does a different arrangement change it?

Here’s the original video: