The problem of hunger- is there a solution?

Give a man a handout… and he eats for a day. Teach him to farm and he (and his country) eats for a lifetime.

‘ We used to have a big farm – five hectares. We sold it one hectare at a time to pay to live. Now we can’t cultivate any more…We don’t have food because there is no-one to go and find food: my eldest children are dead. Before, I was able to work, but now we stay with hunger because there is nothing I can do. We miss our land.’

Milembe Mwandu, Shinyanga, Tanzania, April 2006

OxFam: Causing Hunger- an overview of the food crisis in Africa

A sobering report on the problem of starvation in Africa, and why after over four decades of trying to alleviate it, the situation may be actually be worse.