Voodoo Knife Set


I found it!

I saw a picture of this in a catalog about a year ago, and I’ve been trying to find it ever since. This morning, it arrived in my inbox, courtesy of ThinkGeek.

Now, I know it’s a bit morbid (and I’m not sure Amy will let me have one in our kitchen), but it’s just so dang creative and humourous (in a dark, dark way) that I just adore it.

ThinkGeek: Voodoo Knife Set

5 Responses to “Voodoo Knife Set”

  • jen Says:

    Surprisingly, it creeps me out at first. Maybe if it was not red? I would feel guilty everytime I stuck a knife in the poor little guy.

    Why not have it make a little sound everytime you put the knife away?
    “Ug” “Ow!” “ARGGGGgg. ya gotme” “missed me!” “Call 911” “That smarts!”
    Does it come in iPod white?

  • somebody Says:

    nah i HATE IT ++biased++???

  • Flopsy Says:

    I love it. Especially in red. In saying that, I’m not a psychopath and would never, ever consider putting a knife in someone for real!! Honest!!

  • Melody Says:

    Yes, I love it… um… I mean I really like it. Even though it stands for something kind of terrible. I like the concept and design. Kudos!

  • Craig Says:

    Available at http://www.shopbobandjoyce.com in Black, White, Chrome and other colors.

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