Jul 20 2006

Irony abounds on the internets

The interent * internet is full of unintentional irony.

ALL CONTENT MUST BE WRITTEN IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE using propper spelling and grammar.


* Double irony? 😉

Jul 19 2006

Voodoo Knife Set


I found it!

I saw a picture of this in a catalog about a year ago, and I’ve been trying to find it ever since. This morning, it arrived in my inbox, courtesy of ThinkGeek.

Now, I know it’s a bit morbid (and I’m not sure Amy will let me have one in our kitchen), but it’s just so dang creative and humourous (in a dark, dark way) that I just adore it.

ThinkGeek: Voodoo Knife Set

Jul 1 2006

Living Generously

For 12 months more than 300 of us, spread all around the country, are attempting to support and inspire each other in a Year of Living Generously. It’s everything from putting a plastic brick in the cistern to reduce water usage, signing up as an organ donor, neutralising our air travel, switching to fair trade products or sharing a meal with someone outside our ‘comfort zone’.

You can even sign up and indicate which ones you’re doing in your household, and discuss/ask for help from other folks living generously (like 43things for EnviroGeeks).

It’s a UK site, but most of the tips will work anywhere.

Living Generously