How to get a human when calling customer service

How sad is it that we need a website like this?

Some of the newer voice activated automated help lines aren’t as bad- the voice is pleasant and you can actually get things done without a lot of button mashing. However, sometimes I need to talk to a human being- one with critical thinking skills. Now, there’s no guaruntee the person who answers after I mash “0” repeatedly can 1. help me, or 2. has critical thinking skills, but there’s at least a chance!

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  • dave Says:

    I just read an article off Digg that said on some systems you get routed to the operator if you break out the potty mouth and start dropping f-bombs. Doesn’t work on all systems, but if you’re stuck wading through an automated help line, you probably feel like swearing anyway, so it couldn’t hurt to try.

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