Ethical Dilemmas

Suppose you could save five lives by taking one – what would be the correct thing to do? Such ethical dilemmas provide classic “experiments” for philosophers. Here the [BBC] Magazine presents four such quandaries and asks readers to vote on what they think is right.

BBC Magazine: What if…

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  • Ren Russie Says:

    Some of us have faced such dilemmas. Suppose there were a flaw found in a series in life-saving medical devices that could cause them to fail at a rate of 1 in 1000, possibly resulting in patient death. Informing the public about is likely to cause a significant number to be replaced. Complications from replacements leads to death about 1 out of 100 times….Should the public be informed?

    While the overall result of informing the public may actually lead to a worse outcome, people (patients) overwhelmingly want to be informed of these things. They want to have control of the decision for them.

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