RIP Jade 1996-2006

Wild Kingdom

Originally uploaded by Nick Ciske.

Jade didn’t make it.

Wednesday night Amy and I said goodbye to her, then watched as she peacefully left us. On our way out, we saw a mom with eight new kittkens. The circle of life continues. In the parking lot, I cried like a baby on Amy’s shoulder. We went to McCoy’s for a burger, a beer, and dessert as memeories of Jade filled my mind.

My house is way too quiet at night (no cats chasing each other around).

I still put out food and water every morning (for Tiki- Mark’s cat). It’s part of my routine.

In the morning Jade isn’t there to greet me as I wake up and get ready for work.

Tiki is starting to realize Jade is never coming home.

Death is a part of life. Loss is a part of love.

Rest in peace sweet Jade. You were loved.