A Million Voices for Darfur

A Million Voices for Darfur

After reflecting on the genocide in Rwanda, Senator Paul Simon said: “If every member of the House and Senate had received 100 letters from people back home saying we have to do something about Rwanda, when the crisis was first developing, then I think the response would have been different.”

That’s a powerful statement. It means that we had the power to stop the genocide in Rwanda, but that too many of us chose not to act. It also means that we have the power now to stop the genocide in Darfur if we do choose to act.

The Save Darfur Coalition and nearly 100 organizations are trying to gather 1 million signatures on postcards. These postcards and their messages will be sent to President Bush, urging him to take action. After you’re done signing, you will have the opportunity to spread the word to your friends. Gathering 1 million signatures is as simple as you passing the alert to 10 people, who each send to 10 people, and so on.

Since the beginning of the conflict in Darfur, an estimated 400,000 people have been killed and more than 2 million people have been displaced. The world has watched silently. Paul Rusesabagina, whose life and experience with the 1994 genocide in Rwanda was portrayed in the movie “Hotel Rwanda,” put it this way: “A detachment of well-equipped peacekeepers, made up of less than *one-twentieth* of the American troops now stationed in Iraq, could have easily stopped the killings without risk” (emphasis added). In short, we are asking President Bush to give real meaning to the words, “Never Again.”

Thank you for using your voice. I truly believe that with God’s grace working in and through us, we can end this genocide.


A Million Voices for Darfur

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