Girl Scout Cookies: Eeevil. Like the fru-eets of the dee-vil

Oh Girl Scout Cookies, why must you tempt me so?

I told myself I would not eat you all, but it’s not use!

You call to me. You scream “Eat me!” and I am powerless to resist…

I’m lethargic and sleepy from your sweet sugar, minty breathed from your flavor, and lulled into a comatose stupor by your deliciousness.

Why oh why did I buy four boxes of you, Girl Scout Cookies?


sleepy… time…


5 Responses to “Girl Scout Cookies: Eeevil. Like the fru-eets of the dee-vil”

  • Amy Says:

    You bought 4 boxes!!!! Do I need to take the remaining boxes into custody and ration them out to you?

  • dan Says:

    serious… we need to start a support group. we’ll get together and we’ll all eat girl scout cookies… and then we’ll remember we’re suppose to support each other in not eating girl scout cookies. and we’ll be all messed up. and it will suck. but … we’ll have eaten the blessed cookies.

  • jen Says:

    I still have 4 little thin mints stashed away in my desk. I’m saving them for an emergency….um…like now. 🙂

    This is why they only come out once a year….

  • Anna Says:

    Because the girl scouts are actually a part of a mass marketing scheme. I know, I was one. You think you’re supporting girls in learning how to become independent, stand-up citizens, but actually you are supporting a larger outfit called WWTOTW (Women Will Take Over The World). The cookies are used to lure men to sleep with all its addicting sugar. One day, all the men will find themselves in prison after a girl scout cookie eating binge comatose.

    And I just keep making stuff up. But it’s true, I was a girl scout. And I sold those darn cookies. And I really like them too.

  • stevievan Says:

    Thin MInts rule! (from the freezer…)

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