Mar 26 2006


I’m off on my first cruise for the next week!

LA -> Cabo San Lucas -> Mazatlan -> Puerto Vallarta -> LA

I’ll (hopefully) be posting pictures to my Flickr account each night.

Pictures are here, no nightly uploading- internet was $ .50 a minute!

Adios amigos!

Mar 23 2006

Oil Standard

Check out this fascinating browser plugin:

Oil Standard is a web browser plug-in that converts all prices from U.S. Dollars into the equivalent value in barrels of crude oil.

When you load a web page, the script seamlessly inserts converted prices into the page. As the cost of oil fluctuates on the commodities exchange, prices rise and fall in real-time.

I’d love to see a plug-in that (somehow) estimates how much oil it took to produce/transport that product. So you could comparison shop based on environmental impact.

Or to see and Environmental Impact Score (EIS) at the grocery store:

Locally Grown Organic Apples: (tranported from Blaine, MN)
$4 lb
(0.6 barrels of oil on 3/23/06)
EIS 25

Chilean Apples (flown in to Miami and trucked to Minneapolis)
$2 lb
(0.3 barrels of oil on 3/23/06)
EIS 280

What is the better deal? 😉

Mar 17 2006

Girl Scout Cookies: Eeevil. Like the fru-eets of the dee-vil

Oh Girl Scout Cookies, why must you tempt me so?

I told myself I would not eat you all, but it’s not use!

You call to me. You scream “Eat me!” and I am powerless to resist…

I’m lethargic and sleepy from your sweet sugar, minty breathed from your flavor, and lulled into a comatose stupor by your deliciousness.

Why oh why did I buy four boxes of you, Girl Scout Cookies?


sleepy… time…


Mar 13 2006

Meet the Parents

This weekend I took Amy home to meet my family.


It was great!

She was We were a bit nervous on the ride down, but the jitters seemed to settle as the miles ticked by. My iPod came in handy as usual and provided hours of entertainment (and a few surprises).

The drive was smooth and problem free… well… except for the time I took the wrong exit and took us 30 miles out of our way (94 East goes to Portage… 94 East!).

Of course the butterflies really hit when we pulled into the driveway. Amy is the first woman I’ve ever brought home (and I hope she’s the last!). Butterflies aside, it went great. My dad was a bit… out of sorts (he slipped on the ice and hurt his back so he was drugged up) and was really chatty… but in a cute, funny way…

Breakfast, a coffee run, and a (very) quick tour of Portage. Then we went to see the land my Parents just purchased in rural Wisconsin. We forded the creek in our muck boots and explored the south side of the land (only I had been across the creek before).

Funny story: We stopped at Tractor Supply Co. to buy some more muck boots. I wasn’t paying attention, and eneded up with… two right boots. Both size 12… but 2 right boots. This is a fact I did not realize until we were at the creek and about to walk across. The boots worked, but my left foot was pretty cramped by the time we were done.

It was beautiful- not too cold or hot and nature was juast starting to wake up around us.

Dinner was at Cimaroli’s Supper Club — the steaks were delicious. I dropped a big hunk of steak on my shirt… smooth move.

Then back to the homestead for Rook and Cranium.

Mom picked up Erin (my foster sister) and we went to church. The message was by a Jewish guy (from Jews for Jesus) and was all about finding Christ in the Passover. It was awesome. I think I’m going to try to do something like that at Bluer this year (Bryan and I have discussed doing a seder for 2 years but never pulled it off).

Then we headed to Wisconsin Dells for lunch at Pedro’s where I spilled salsa on my shirt. The food was delicious though, and I got a killer strawberry margarita (virgin of course).

After taking Erin home, we headed back to my folks house, where the cruise my family is taking at the end of month was discussed (I want to do fun but expensive things, my dad wants to shop and walk the beach).

Then Amy and I headed home to the cities. Nothing eventful to report from the trip home.

Overall, it was fan-freaking-tastic. I’m excited that Amy fit in so well. It was great to hang out with my whole family as well- normally it’s just me and my Mom (my dad and brother are workaholics).

Mar 8 2006


Jason Ellsworth shared a great message on intimacy at Bluer this Saturday.

I highly reccommend giving it a listen.

You can also subscribe to the podcast 😉

Mar 8 2006

Sarcasm and the Kingdom of God?

I stumbled onto Dan Wilt’s blog tonight, while trying to track down an interview CD featuring Matt Redman.

He had a post entitled: Sarcasm & The Elevating Life (the comments are a good read, check them out).

I want to elevate people. Deep down, I really do.

Seinfeld was a comedy that affected a generation.

Everyone finds humor that is sarcastic, demeaning and laced with in-jokes and mutual defamation to be prized and enjoyable. I’m one of them, at least in part.

Today, I’m wondering if sarcasm and its single-parent, cynicism, has any place in a redemptive view of the world. From the AIDs crisis in Africa, to how I laugh with my buddy today, I’m thinking that I’d like to become less and less sarcastic, and more and more elevating to be around.

I agree with a friend that cynicism is a gateway drug to all things nasty. Sarcasm seems to me to be its ugly child, who is more fun to be around.

I’m wondering if an innocence of joy is attainable. That’s the way the Church, that believes a story based on broken Imagebearers and redemptive energy in the world, should be.

It really made me think…

I am a very sarcastic person. I can also be cynical at times.

Recently, Amy mentioned how she noticed that Mark and I can really rip into each other at times (which reminds me of the ripping flesh aspect of sarcasm mentioned in the comments of Dan’s post). I blew it off as “that’s just what guys do.”

Which is true.

But should it be what Christian guys do?

One of the things I value is authenticity- honesty and transpareny about who we really are. The danger of mixing that with sarcasm is that being open with people gives them ammunition for sarcastic and biting comments about you.

That doesn’t seem like it fits into the Kingdom of God very well.

Sure it’s funny and everyone’s doing it … but does that make it right, good, and profitable?

I think I want to start living a more elevating and less sarcastic life…