Stopping to smell the flowers

I’ve been deliberating as to when and what I was going to share, but she took the lead, so here I go:

For 27 years now I’ve been traveling through life waiting to find ‘the one’ woman I was to share the rest of my life with. There have been many possibilities, some failed starts, and a handful of painful stops. The term ‘crash and burn’ applied to my romantic attempts for a few years there… you girls know who you are.

In the last few years, as I’ve sought after God with a renewed focus (after 7 years of wandering) I’ve seen my values and priorities change dramatically. The women I used to swoon over now barely register, or actually trigger some level of disgust. The women I used to pass over are some of my best friends and closest confidants.

As I was thinking of how to convey the most recent wrinkle in the ongoing saga, a floral metaphor came to mind:

We spend all day looking at the bulbs/seeds and looking at the card (surface) with a picture of what the plant might look like. The word might there is the key: some bulbs are duds, and some grow into completely different flowers due to a mis-sorting along the way.

Then there are the flowers that have started growing, but not blossomed yet. They are just budding… teasing us with when they will blossom.

So… as I looked around at bulbs (potential relationships) around me a flower blossomed right in front of me… and it took me awhile to even see it. I had to … stop and smell the flower (sorry).

All that to say… I’ve found someone right under my nose. Our relationship has been growing for over a year now, and has recently blossomed into something more than friendship.

It’s a sweet fragrance indeed, and I’m excited to see where God’s will and life’s path will lead us.

This weekend she posted this quote… I read it today and just about died:

Then the time came when the risk it took
To remain tight in a bud was more painful
Than the risk it took to blossom.
Anais Nin

2 Responses to “Stopping to smell the flowers”

  • jen Says:

    Those flowers that end up in the wrong package or just show up unannounced in your garden are coincidentally called “volunteers”. They are my favorite flowers. They are the serendipity of the planned garden. The beautiful surprise you totally didn’t expect and almost pulled out because you thought it was a weed in the beginning. What a wonderful post. It’s beautiful, and makes me long for spring.

  • Stephen Says:

    Nice one, mate. You’re privileged to have each other. All the best.

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