In whose name?

Recently, John posted about Extreme Makover: Home Edition in a post callled: Kingdom of God: REVEALED!

I didn’t see the specific episode he’s referring to, but I’ve had a rant about EM:HO percolating for awhile..and this brought it to the surface:

Extreme Makover: Home Edition- In whose name?

Extreme Home makeover, despite all the good things it does, is just a big fat commercial for Sears (and it’s other sponsors).

Sure the Church of Jesus Christ could learn a thing or two, but take away the corporate sponsorship and see what happens to EM: HO. Will they continue to lavish things upon people? I don’t think so.

What makes me sad is that every day thousands of people (social workers, aid workers, county and government employees, churches, etc.) work hard to improve the lives of people like those helped by EM:HO. They work with limited resources, ridiculously small budgets, and paltry salaries. They get little thanks, mostly grief from their clients (the very people they try to help).

ABC lavishes a luxury house on a family (because the ‘deserve it’ due to their hardship) and gets mad props for helping one single family each week. We reward ABC with our attention (a valuable thing these days) our dollars, and our praise.

Now, these families have it hard. Really hard. Many have been socked in the gut repeatedly by bad circumstances… but is building them a gigantic house with a flat screen monitor in every room the right solution to their problems? Or is is just a nice shiny veneer that allows ABC and America to feel good about itself?

Does ABC and EM: HO serve the people or itself?

Here’s a word picture I got the other day that’s stuck with me:

Is it simply spreading a layer of frosting over dung and pretending it doesn’t stink?

PS- Maybe I’m just a cold hearted jerk, but I ask you this: are outcomes the only measure? Or is it important how and why people are helped?