Young, hip, reverent

With all the ‘hip’ labels flying around Bluer, Solomon’s Porch and other emerging churches… I think the new Emergent slogan should be “We put the hip in discipleship!” Passageway had a desktop with that, but they never fully embraced it and it apparently disappeared in their all Flash redesign (don’t even get me started on that!)…

So Solomon’s Porch just moved into their new space and they already have a write up in the Star Tribune. Their new space looks very cozy! Maybe I’ll swing by this Sunday and visit.

Bluer gets a cursory mention as another one of those rebellious, revolutionary churches in the twin cities.

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  • Jen Says:

    Didn’t see you Sunday in our new “cozy” space. But I have to say, that article was only partially accurate. We aren’t really that hip. And they really only got one person’s perspective on being a part of community there. It does feel like home already (though at this point the building may still be rather big for us and we haven’t a clue what to do with quite so much space). I was sad to see the Trib photographer color corrected her photos. The space has a very warm light to it which she took out in favor of a more neutral lighting (see my blog for photos complete with warmth, as I take them each week as a record of who we are and the interaction of our community). It’s nice to get a write up now and then I guess. It has brought some new people by to check us out. I talked with one woman Sunday who read it in the paper (which didn’t list gathering times) who missed the gathering, but will likely be back to check it out. Somehow I’m a little anti-writeup. Just doesn’t seem to be who we are. We’re a bit more subdued and a little less mass media.

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