Jan 23 2006

Confidentiality Notice

For the life of me I cannot understand the silly confidentiality notices some people/companies put at the bottom of their emails.

First off, you’re sending that HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL email in plain text (unencrypted) over an open network (the internet). It isn’t confidential anymore!

When they post emails to a public discussion group, they leave the notice on. If it’s CONFIDENTIAL, why did they just send it to thousands of people* they’ve never met and cannot trust?

I realize that they may, at times, send a sensitive email, but come on… only attached the notice to those emails and look into using PGP or secure IM if it’s really HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL.


* Obvious hyperbole for emphasis, except in the case of very large email lists 😉

Confidentiality Notice: Information contained in this post is HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL. It is intended for the exclusive use of the reader. If you are not the intended reader, please be advised that you have read this post in error and that any use, dissemination, forwarding, printing, or copying of this document is strictly prohibited. If you have received this post in error, a ninja will be along shortly to decapitate you. Have a nice day.

UPDATE: Here’s a site with lots of information about why you and/or your company should have an email disclAimer. It’s all about shifting liability to others in court. One of the examples they give- adding a disclaimer that the recipient is responsible to scan incoming messages for viruses and the sender is not liable in the case of a virus infection is simply ludicrous. First, I’d have to open the email to read your disclaimer (in most cases being infected). Secondly, that’s like putting a disclaimer on a bullet saying the recipient is responsible to dodge the bullet if they don’t want to be shot. If I lived in a society where bullets flew around like viruses do today, I’d probably wear a bullet-proof vest, but the shooter is still liable for shooting me whether I wear one or not.

Sadly, this silliness seems to be another byproduct of our overly litigious society. However, disclaimers aren’t the solution- education and responsibility are.

Jan 22 2006

The Daker sightings continue

I’m starting to see the Daker video all over the place lately…

It’s on YouTube and MySpace and MySpace again. It’s also on Wimp and Ebaum’s World put up the God Bless America clip for July 4th.

He’s even on Wikipedia and Answers.com!

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Jan 22 2006

Amazon says start ’em early

According to Amazon, “Adventures in Missing the Point: How the Culture-Controlled Church Neutered the Gospel” is at the “Baby-Preschool” reading level.

Apparently Emergent theology is so watered down even your 2 year old can grasp it!

Amazon goof

Jan 20 2006

Debate: The Emergent Church and Postmodern Spirituality

UPDATE: Twin City Fellowship will have the opening remarks and rebuttals online- you’ll have to buy the CD/DVD for the rest. How disappointing. Even worse… the reason I was given (via voicemail) was that it would allow them to recoup some of the costs of the event (as it was free). Seriously? I’m honestly taken aback. First, how much could it really cost to hold a two hour debate at your church? Secondly, if Bob Dewaay really wants his message about the Emerging Church to get out, charging for it is the last thing he should do.


Doug Pagitt and Bob Dewaay are going head to head tonight to discuss/debate the topic of “The Emergent Church and Postmodern Spirituality- Dangerous Trends or Necessary Changes for Evangelicalism? ”

I wish I could be there, but I’m going to be at a going away party for Luke & Kari, some friends/neighbors/bluerites that are moving to Nebraska this month.

I’ve been informed there will be a DVD of the debate for sale. I asked if I could put the DVD video or audio online for all to hear. They’re going to get back to me on that. I think demand will quickly outstrip supply and not everyone wants to pay $19 for a DVD of the debate. They do put videos of services online, so perhaps they’ll put the video up. They only do WMV files though, so most Mac users (and thus, many Emergent folks) would be out of luck .

The details:

You are invited to come and hear Doug Pagitt from Solomon’s Porch and Bob DeWaay from Twin City Fellowship, both from Minneapolis discuss the above topics.

Doug Pagitt a nationally known leader of the Emergent Church movement.

Bob DeWaay has published an article critical of this movement.

When: January 20, 2006 – 7:00pm

Where: Twin City Fellowship; 2315 Nicollet Ave. S. Minneapolis (corner of 24th Street and Nicollet Ave)

The event is free and there is no registration.

For more information: 612-874-7484

Jan 18 2006

Finding domain names is hard!

Mark gave me a kick in the pants today. He convinced me it was long past time to actually do my latest web application/business idea.

So I sat down to find a decent domain name. It wasn’t easy, but with his help, I think I found something decent and usable.

It’s very Web 2.0 (ends in r with no e like Flickr).

I’d say more but I don’t want to show my hand just yet.

I’m going to the 37 Signals Getting Real workshop on the 27th – I’m hoping to ride the wave of enthusiasm and energy from that to make it through the tough part of kicking this thing off.

Starting it is always the hardest part.

Wish me luck!

Jan 13 2006

Bluer on Nightline…Tonight!

Bluer on ABC Nightline

Barring breaking news, natural disasters, acts of God, etc. Bluer will be featured in a segment about emerging churches on ABC Nightline tonight at 10:35 CT (11:35 ET).


Watch the video