The Switch Pt 1

I’m going to do it. I can’t hold back any longer- it simply must be done.

I’m going to switch to a Mac.


Now that I’ve made the decision, it really gets interesting. I’ve been hesitating for quite awhile as switching for me is a big deal (and not just for my ego).

Here’s the steps I see in switiching:

The easy part:

  1. Take a deep breath. Exhale.
  2. Buy a pimped out MacBook Pro.

The hard part:

  1. Get a two button mouse (must have right click)
  2. Cross platform upgrade my Adobe apps to Mac
  3. Somehow get a Mac license for Sorenson squeeze
  4. Figure out how I’m going to get all my email moved over
  5. See if I can transfer my Office license to Mac
  6. Find the best Windows emulation software for OS X (so I can still run Sony Vegas as needed)
  7. Figure out how to transfer about 480 GB of data on external and internal NTFS drives to HFS formatted drives (yikes!)
  8. Sell my notebook
  9. Sell my desktop
  10. Breath a sigh of relief

Am I forgetting anything? I’m sure I am…

You can follow the ongoing saga of my switch in The Switch

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  • the stuff in my head » Blog Archive » The Switch Pt 1 Says:

    […] You can follow the ongoing saga of my switch in The Switch […]

  • Kevin D. Hendricks Says:

    Hey Nick, welcome to the real world. 😉 I’m happy to answer any questions I can. It’s been a couple years (already?!) since I made the switch, but I’ll share what I can.

    I do remember I was worried about moving my e-mail over, but it turned out to be pretty easy. I just changed my account to an imap account, but it all back on the server, and then synced my mac with the server. I don’t think that let me bring over all my crazy nested e-mail folders that I like to have, but it did let me bring over a lot of stuff.

    I also have a friend who works for Apple and can probably get you a nice discount (usually 15% on hardware).

  • Stephen Says:

    Hallelujah, you’ve seen the light! 🙂

    I guarantee you will never look back.


  • Nick Says:

    Kevin- I have way too much mail to do the transfer via IMAP… but that 15% discount sounds good. We’ll have to talk about that! 😉

  • john Says:

    “must have right click” …he’ll never make it!

  • Nick Says:

    Effective use of context sensitive menus (aka Right Click) is what seperates the power users from the regular users 😉

  • Ryan Schroeder Says:

    Just don’t excpect great performance from the adobe stuff, etc until they release universal binaries!

  • Tommy Says:

    I can’t speak to moving your email to your Mac, but other then that I am open to any questions you might have. I’ve had a Mac since 1987, but used a Windows machine during that time at work. For a few of your questions, here are my experiences:

    1. Adobe isn’t very nice about transfer of apps. I wish you more luck then I have had. I am not into “stealing” software. That ain’t right. But I “found” the sofware for one machine in my house because Adobe was being a pain.

    2. Not tired to move my MS Office to Mac. IMHO, outside of Excel, there are better options. And I don’t mean from Apple. I use Xpad to write. I don’t need the other apps on my Mac.

    3. I have an internal network where all my computers most days play nice with each other. But I do have a back-up drive. Western Digital IMHO has some quality stuff and the transfer via Firewire is fast.

    As for the two button mouse, I think you’ll find you don’t need it. Keyboard shortcuts is where it is at on both a Mac and Windows machine IMHO.

  • Rick Russie Says:


    ctrl-click does the trick for the right click and you get used to it. Other than that, they do have the “mighty mouse” which is two button.

    As far as Office, I agree with Tommy, it’s really klunky on a mac. The only thing I ever use is TextEdit, and all I miss is a spreadsheet program.

    Anyway, I hope you like your new computer!

  • stevievan Says:

    congrats…I know you will be happy (like I know anything about it). You may just have to break down and buy FCP, tho. There is a great new editor at BGEA is that is awesome w/ FCP. Plus, he’s leans toward the emerging church. Great guy; let me know if you want to get connected.

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