Campfire warms my heart

UPDATE: Campfire is live!

Campfire, the next app on deck for 37Signals, rocks. I can say this with certainty as I had a chance to use it all day today. The folks in the Getting Real workshop had access to a pre-release version to chat in during the workshop. The sub-narrative happening in the chat was almost as fun and informative as the presentation (I said almost!).

Campfire is chat as a collaboration tool. I know chat has been done before and there’s IRC, web chat, IM chat, etc… but chat has never been done as nice, or as simple as Campfire.

The difference in campfire is that it’s chat done right (fast, sleek and colorful). It logs all conversations and keeps them around in a nice filterable form for future reference.

Campfire makes it easy to get everyone in one (virtual place) and… well… collaborate. You can share URls and upload files for everyone to see. It’s all ajaxed so it’s quick to respond and never refreshes the page.

I can see this becoming a daily destination (it already is for the 37s guys).

I think I’ve figured out the 37signals secret — take an average everyday technology and make it a joy to use. It’s that simple.

BaseCamp = blogs for project management
TadaLists = todo lists made fast and fun
BackPack = wikis for non geeks
Writeboard = document versioning made easy
Campfire = IRC/Chat for getting things done

I wish I could show it to you, but we were asked not to show screenshots. You’ll just have to trust me- it’s very nice (and very 37s).