Debate: The Emergent Church and Postmodern Spirituality

UPDATE: Twin City Fellowship will have the opening remarks and rebuttals online- you’ll have to buy the CD/DVD for the rest. How disappointing. Even worse… the reason I was given (via voicemail) was that it would allow them to recoup some of the costs of the event (as it was free). Seriously? I’m honestly taken aback. First, how much could it really cost to hold a two hour debate at your church? Secondly, if Bob Dewaay really wants his message about the Emerging Church to get out, charging for it is the last thing he should do.


Doug Pagitt and Bob Dewaay are going head to head tonight to discuss/debate the topic of “The Emergent Church and Postmodern Spirituality- Dangerous Trends or Necessary Changes for Evangelicalism? ”

I wish I could be there, but I’m going to be at a going away party for Luke & Kari, some friends/neighbors/bluerites that are moving to Nebraska this month.

I’ve been informed there will be a DVD of the debate for sale. I asked if I could put the DVD video or audio online for all to hear. They’re going to get back to me on that. I think demand will quickly outstrip supply and not everyone wants to pay $19 for a DVD of the debate. They do put videos of services online, so perhaps they’ll put the video up. They only do WMV files though, so most Mac users (and thus, many Emergent folks) would be out of luck .

The details:

You are invited to come and hear Doug Pagitt from Solomon’s Porch and Bob DeWaay from Twin City Fellowship, both from Minneapolis discuss the above topics.

Doug Pagitt a nationally known leader of the Emergent Church movement.

Bob DeWaay has published an article critical of this movement.

When: January 20, 2006 – 7:00pm

Where: Twin City Fellowship; 2315 Nicollet Ave. S. Minneapolis (corner of 24th Street and Nicollet Ave)

The event is free and there is no registration.

For more information: 612-874-7484