Bluer on Nightline…Tonight!

Bluer on ABC Nightline

Barring breaking news, natural disasters, acts of God, etc. Bluer will be featured in a segment about emerging churches on ABC Nightline tonight at 10:35 CT (11:35 ET).


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3 Responses to “Bluer on Nightline…Tonight!”

  • Bert Crabbe Says:

    Hey Nick,

    thanks for the comment you left on my blog. Rob is the man. Our church just opened in September and he helped us get a lot of our tech stuff off the ground and running. Plus, he’s just a great guy.

    I’ve visited Bluer three or four times while I was out there for school and really dug it. I hear you’re in a new location now though. How’ that going?



  • Brian Miller Says:

    Couldn’t find your email address. Just wanted to say thanks for commenting over at My assumption was that Bluer is much deeper than they showed it. That was disappointing to me, but I had not heard of Bluer and am glad that now I have. I asked you some questions on our blog that it would be great if you could respond to.


  • Nick Says:

    The new location going well. It was a bit touch and go at first (we were having serious sound reflection issues in the room) but we’re settling in quite nicely now.

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