I’ve been tagged!

Anna tagged me… I’ll play along, but just this one time…

5 things you probably didn’t know about me:

  1. My first ‘date’ was with a girl named… Gina (I think? Her name started with a G). I was in Junior High. We went to see Batman. I fell asleep on her shoulder (it was way past my bedtime). Later she told me she was moving to Chicago. Except she didn’t… which was weird. Apparently she went out with me on a dare. I was crushed.
  2. One time I got my brother so mad at me, he threw a 6 inch kitchen knife at me. It bounced off the ground and stuck in the wooden fence behind me. We went to counseling after that. We get along great now.
  3. Around 4th/5th grade I ran inbetween two buses on my way to Cub Scouts. I didn’t look both ways. A car hit me. I tried to jump… you know… onto the hood, but it didn’t work. I had a horsehoe shaped patch of road rash on my forehead and was unconscious for 10 minutes, but had no broken bones. I lost some vision in my right eye. The road rash got really gnarly when it started peeling! 😉
  4. When I was in the emergency room for my car accident, there was a baby in the OR. He kept flatlining and then being revived. He survived but suffered brain damage, is confined to a wheelchair, and is fed through a tube (poor guy!). He is currently one of my Mom’s students — she teaches special education in my hometown.
  5. I broke my left arm trying to jump rope… on grass. It set wrong and had to be rebroken to heal right.

So… now I guess I tag some other people…