Pandora’s Box (of music)

Pandora is a new music discovery service. I’ve tried services in this genre before, but never recived very good reccomendations (if any). They also required you to tell them volumes of information about your music tastes to get a single reccomendation.

Pandora is different — which is a very good thing!

Tell Pandora a single song or artist you like and it starts playing music you will likely love. Not just reccomendations – actual songs (at 128kbps mp3 quality!) playing on your computer for free. You rate songs “like” or “dislike” to refine your ‘station.’ You can skip if you don’t want to hear a song (but don’t dislike it). Add songs to a favorites list with a click, and then easily buy the song/album from iTunes or Amazon.


Try Pandora today, you won’t regret it.

PS- I really dig my Radiohead station.