Getting Real with 37signals

When I heard that 37signals was holding a Getting Real Workshop in Chicago I knew I had to go. There was just one problem: it sold out in 14 hours. I had hesitated and waited to ask if my company would cover it, and lost out.

Then on December 12th, Jason announced there were an additional six slots open for their Getting Real workshop.

My heart raced — it seemed like an eternity as I moved my mouse to click on the link to see if any spots were left.


1 spot left.

One. Spot. Left.

I jumped out of my chair and raced over to Pete’s office, but he was in a meeting!

Noooooo!” I screamed inside my head. I was going to lose the spot — as I stood there some punk was filling out the form and taking my spot. “Screw it, I’ll pay for it myself if I have to!” It was time to act.

I ran back to my desk, pulled out my personal credit card, and filled out the (well designed and intuitive) form.


A problem. The credit card didn’t go through.

Heart racing, palms sweating, and breathing heavily I switched my expiration date (I had swapped the month and year).


I have never been so happy to see a receipt page before. As I basked in the triumph of my victory I slowly read the page while noting the great copy 37signals writes. Very conversational, authentic, and real — but never cheesy.

Windy City, here I come.

Oh and the company’s got the bill. Joy.

PS- Yes I am a geek. A very happy and excited geek.