YackPack is a social network crossed with voicemail.

You record audio messages (in your browser — thanks to Flash) and can send them to your friends on the service. It’s an attempt to replace ’email’ as the de facto way of keeping up with friends (when not using the phone). The founder says that over time email actually erodes relationships rather than strengthening them and YackPack is the answer.

The problem: getting people set-up to record audio on their home computer. Any modern computer has a mic port and can record audio, but few people ever set this up. Most modern PC’s even come with a really basic mic, good enough for voice use.

YackPack’s solution: audiohelp.info and giving away free mics.

As a podcaster, I’m seeing the following features as being huge for YackPack:

1. Get a encolsure enabled RSS feed of the messages sent to you, so you don’t have to use the YackPack site to hear your messages. Imagine listening to messages and updates from friends on your commute.

2. A ‘podcast’ buddy- any message you send to this buddy appears on your ‘podcast feed’ – lowering the podcasting bar even further. Podcasting becomes as easy as ‘yacking’ at a ‘buddy’.

I don’t know if any of this will happen, but I can hope!

On a side note, the way YackPack was launched (in ‘stealth’ mode — which the founder admits was a mistake) is reminiscent of the pre ‘bubble’ companies – a solution in search of a problem and no way to know if it is doomed until it’s too late. After all, we all have telephones… right? Time will tell if it really takes off.