NCU Discussion of Facebook

Tonight I had the privilege to talk to a group of North Central University students about blogging, syndication and podcasting. The invite came from my friend Stephen who teaches the class.

During the class we decided to record a podcast together. The subject at hand was FaceBook, a social networking site for college students. A recent article in the school paper had ignited a debate about the school ‘lifestyle policy’ and people bragging about defying it on FaceBook, the possible blocking of FaceBook by the administration.

Here are the unvarnished and uncensored thoughts of 8 students: Facebook Discussion [5.4 MB MP3]

For the students, here are some resources for you:

My Podcasting Session (Google Video)

I’ll post MP3s of my talk here as soon as I can.

Here’s the audio from my talk. It’s raw and unedited. It was a live, 3 hour lecture with little prep time, so keep that in mind as you listen 😉

NCU Lecture- Syndication, Blogging and Podcasting [23.6 MB MP3, 1:22:44]

Audacity – free audio recording and editing software

Reel Reviews
Bloglines – online feed reader
RssMix – combine feeds together
FeedBurner – transform and republish feeds