Nov 22 2005

A fool for Christ

Powerful stuff:

What if this is my epiphany, LJ, and I accept the path you offer, rejecting the claims to know what you assert to be mere magical fantasy and pure self-delusion? If I choose the life you offer–the life of “intellectual honesty� and contempt for those less wise, the life of mockery of men so foolish as to pray, the life of lofty intellect, of propositional knowledge devoid of positional experience–what’s in it for me? You see, I am a selfish man, and have no interest in accepting a gift horse without checking its teeth.

But, you see, I have looked in that nag’s mouth. The mane is glorious but the mouth is toothless–the horse will starve, slowly but surely. For I have already chosen the life you offer, and found it wanting, and empty, and joyless, and lonely.

Read The Choice of Fools

Nov 22 2005

Daily Dig

I’ve been receiving the Daily Dig emails from the Bruderhof communities for quite some time now. I usually read the brief bit in the email, but rarely click through to the full article – I never feel like I have the time. But, strangely enough, I save them… every one… in a folder in my email inbox.

Anyways, check it out. There’s some great stuff there.

Quote of the Day

Note: In all transparency, I wrote this post to get a free book (you can too) but I wouldn’t have written it if I didn’t find the Daily Dig valuable. Books for links: what a great idea — I like those Bruderhof folks more each day!

Nov 2 2005

Sigur Ros: Glósóli

I know I’m on a hiatus, but this simply couldn’t wait.

Stop what you’re doing.
Turn down the lights a bit.
Click the link below.
Spend a moment in silence as it downloads.

Sigur Ros: Glósóli (QuickTime Required)

Quite possible the most beautiful music video I have ever seen.

Haunting. Gorgeous. Transcendent.