Suncomm is evil

If you’re not familiar with Suncomm, they are the primary company the music industry uses to copy protect CDs.

I just bought Bloom, the new Sarah McLachlan Remix CD. I wanted to import it into iTunes so I can listen to it along with the rest of my music… but I can’t.

Suncomm won’t let me. They’ve intentionally crippled the Audio CD so it can’t be imported into iTunes.

But you can still listen to it on your computer…
Sure, if I use their lame little application that auto-launches and allows me to “play” my CD, as if I don’t already have seventeen different apps that can play CDs already.

But it lets you copy the tracks to your PC…
Well, it certainly does. In protected WMA format. Which means I can play them in WindowsMedia player. Except I despise WindowsMedia player and should not have to use it.

Since when is it OK for a company to tell me how I can use it’s product? I’m not pirating the disc, I’m not going to put it on a P2P network or share it with my friends… Sony/Arista/Sunncomm has simply assumed all consumers are pirates.

I just want to listen to the music I purchased in the media player of my choosing!

Is that so much to ask?

Apparently so.

(I’m restraining from using expletives at the moment)

And to top it all off… with mouth watering delicious irony:

I can buy the entire album in unprotected MP3 format from