Sep 14 2005

A random Skype conversation

I have Skype installed an occasionally use it to talk, but mostly to chat with a few people. Occasionally I get a call from a random person I don’t know. usually it’s someone from Europe looking to “make new friends” or something like that.

Today, it was someone looking for Leo Laporte’s skype name… as if I would know that.

Skype rings- incoming voice call…
(I don’t have my headset hooked up and I’m at work so I decide to chat instead)

[4:46:56 PM] Nick Ciske says: hi
[4:47:17 PM] Nick Ciske says: can’t talk at the moment…
[4:47:21 PM] Nick Ciske says: what’s up?
[4:47:28 PM] John Doe says: do you know Leo Laporte
[4:47:36 PM] Nick Ciske says: Not personally
[4:47:42 PM] Nick Ciske says: I know of him
[4:47:53 PM] John Doe says: do u know his skype name
[4:47:57 PM] Nick Ciske says: nope
[4:48:05 PM] John Doe says: ok then bye
[4:48:10 PM] Nick Ciske says: k.
[4:48:11 PM] Nick Ciske says: bye

Well, there went 5 minutes of my life. Sheesh.

Sep 7 2005

Hunter on DePree on Leadership

Todd Hunter has been blogging on leadership lately, specifically about his spin on Max Depree. I bought one of Max’s books, but have yet to read it…

Transformational Leadership: Creating Places of Realized Potential

Transformational Leadership

Leadership in a Post-Modern World

Depree’s Applications for Leading Organizaitons

Sep 2 2005

Blogs in Space (ace) … (ce) … (e)

Send your blog into space… free!

PS- It’s hard to type an echo 😉

Sep 1 2005

Study on the American Emerging Church

I met Aaron Flores when I was in Lynchburg presenting at the Internet Evangelism conference. He’s a sharp young guy that has somewhat of a ministry to vloggers (via his vlog) and pastors a church in California. His graduate research was a study on the emerging church.


He has some additional notes on his post.

As churches in the United States navigate the culture of the 21st Century they are increasingly inquisitive of their own identity in a postmodern context. Through what is known as the “emerging church,� the significance of existing as a new kind of church in a postmodern reality has surfaced. This study focused on an exploration of the features of the emerging church in the United States, particularly its values, characteristics, and mindset, and in order to develop a comprehension of its missiological intent in relation to culture, the related literature concentrated on comprehending the following concerns: Is there a definition for the emerging church; are there similarities and contrasts regarding the values, characteristics, and mindset in the emerging church; how does the emerging church express its ecclesial identity and missiological intent in relation to culture; and what are the conclusions and implications for the future? The research methodology sought to comprehend how the emerging church in the United States exemplified values, mission, and descriptives.