Sep 28 2005

Make Billy Graham look good

That’s right folks. My buddy Dustin has taken his leave of the big bad BGEA and is moving on. If you’re a web designer and have mad skillz, you may be able to take his place, should you wish to do so.

BGEA Employment – Senior Graphic Designer – Internet

Sep 25 2005

FREE love seat

Dark Green love seat. Has some wear but is comfy and in good shape. I’d keep it but my living room is just too crowded, so come and get it and it’s yours! This is a limited time offer, it goes to charity or the dump if it’s not gone by September 30th.

Located in South Minneapolis/Richfield area.

Contact nciske [at] gmail [dot] com to claim it.

It’s gone. My living room is now spacious and inviting.

Sep 21 2005

God chaser

Firepots is the “miscellaneous musings of a maniacal mystic in mid-life mis-managing his midrift while searching for the radical middle of an authentic life with an authentic faith.”

This post really messed me up: Quote from the God Chasers (splitting pulpit)

Lord, I want I want to be a God chaser. I want to see your move that powerfully in my church and in churches across the world. Your will be done on earth as it it is in heaven. Come and redeem your people. We cry out to you. Amen.

Sep 21 2005

How To Turn Your Hamster into a Fighting Machine!

So very, very wrong… but hilarious!

How To Turn Your Hamster into a Fighting Machine!
Click for full size

Sep 21 2005

12 sided calendar

Why settle for a boring flat calendar when you can have a 3D 12 sided pentagon dodecahedron calendar?

Sep 16 2005

Overheard in New York

God Squad man: God loves each and everyone of you! The Bible says–
Woman #1: The Bible says its 8AM.
Woman #2: Yeah, sit down and shut up.

–L train

Overheard in New York

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