A truly GREED- Centered Internet Business

I was on the Crosswalk Directory site making sure Bethany’s sites were listed correctly (there were not, of course) when this ad caught my eye:

A truly CHRIST- Centered Internet Business

Since I work for a truly Christ centered business I was curious to know what else was out there (knowing I would be disappointed).

I was (unfortunately) not suprised to find that the advertised service had nothing to do with Christ or Christ-centeredness.

It’s a get rich quick scheme.

Here’s just the start of a very long and heavy marketing pitch that doesn’t mention Christ, Jesus, the Church or even anything remotely close to a kingdom mindset, except that it’s “ethical.”

The Pitch
(Click to view)

Last time I checked…

  • Jesus Christ told the rich young ruler to sell his possessions
  • Jesus Christ overturned the tables of the money changers in the temple
  • Jesus Christ said “the last shall be first”
  • Jesus Christ “blessed are the meek for they shall in hereit the kingdom of God”
  • Jesus Christ told us to store up treasures in Heaven, not here on Earth

The gall of this guy, Tim Darnell, is amazing. I hate to say it but he gives me the creeps. I can’t imagine what he is like in person. The adjectives, meek and mild do not come to mind.