This site linked to the GodPod so I went to see what a Christian clothing blog looks like… it looks like Kubrick 😉

Honestly though, I’m conflicted here. I normally try to stay away from Christian clothing, finding most of it cliche, poorly designed, or worst of all – copying some current trend… like the iPod ads. Apparently clothing designers who server the author of creativity… don’t have much? That’s not say there aren’t some well designed Christian T-shirts.

I own a Love shirt – it’s simple, direct and not cheesy IMHO. I’m not sure wearing it does anything, but I like it. I also own a shirt that says “Loser” on the front and has John 12:15 on the back. I purchased it to support an urban ministry that teaches youth business skills. I wear it from time to time and get more response from Christians than non Christians.

Am I a hypocrite? A discerning wearer? Too critical? I don’t know, but some of those T-shirts send a chill down my spine (in a bad way)…

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Update: This is the 666th post on my blog. Eeerie! ;-|