Aug 22 2005

A truly GREED- Centered Internet Business

I was on the Crosswalk Directory site making sure Bethany’s sites were listed correctly (there were not, of course) when this ad caught my eye:

A truly CHRIST- Centered Internet Business

Since I work for a truly Christ centered business I was curious to know what else was out there (knowing I would be disappointed).

I was (unfortunately) not suprised to find that the advertised service had nothing to do with Christ or Christ-centeredness.

It’s a get rich quick scheme.

Here’s just the start of a very long and heavy marketing pitch that doesn’t mention Christ, Jesus, the Church or even anything remotely close to a kingdom mindset, except that it’s “ethical.”
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Aug 16 2005

Relevant Magazine finally launches!

Well, it’s finally here. The all-new is now up!

…oh wait. Nope. Not yet.

Unless they are going for that super minimalist look that’s all the rage these days 😉

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As a web developer I feel for them, but I just have to laugh.

Aug 15 2005

The World – made in a few more than 7 days

300 hundred private islands… off the coast of Saudi Arabia… in a very familiar arrangement… the continents of the earth.

Stunning, ambitious, and a little… sad. I mean. Hmmm… a private island is a really cool idea, but making them? That just seems… like cheating 😉

The World

Aug 15 2005

Lost in Translation

Genius. Simply genius. Which translated 5 times by a computer into 5 different languages becomes… “Talent. Simple Talent.”

Which translated 5 times by a computer into 5 different languages becomes…

Talent. Simple Talent. 5mal turned or five languages of ” the
calculation…; This transforms the interior into talent. Simple
Talent. “

You get the idea. (The idea is received.)

Lost in Translation

Aug 15 2005

Billy Graham gets 3.46/5

My old boss only gets 3.46?

Hmmm… then again I’m thinking the audience of Rate it All has a lot to do with that 😉

It’s kind of weird, rating a person like a product at Amazon… not sure what I think about that…

Rate it all: Billy Graham

Aug 8 2005


This site linked to the GodPod so I went to see what a Christian clothing blog looks like… it looks like Kubrick 😉

Honestly though, I’m conflicted here. I normally try to stay away from Christian clothing, finding most of it cliche, poorly designed, or worst of all – copying some current trend… like the iPod ads. Apparently clothing designers who server the author of creativity… don’t have much? That’s not say there aren’t some well designed Christian T-shirts.

I own a Love shirt – it’s simple, direct and not cheesy IMHO. I’m not sure wearing it does anything, but I like it. I also own a shirt that says “Loser” on the front and has John 12:15 on the back. I purchased it to support an urban ministry that teaches youth business skills. I wear it from time to time and get more response from Christians than non Christians.

Am I a hypocrite? A discerning wearer? Too critical? I don’t know, but some of those T-shirts send a chill down my spine (in a bad way)…

Believers’ wear christian clothing blog

World Magazine Blog Discussion on the topic: Selling the gospel

Update: This is the 666th post on my blog. Eeerie! ;-|