Dump Adobe Reader

It’s widely and universally known that Adobe (aka Acrobat) Reader is about the slowest loading piece of software… ever. Glacial at times.

There’s a few things you can do about this:

Never view a PDF again
Hack the Adobe Reader plug-ins directory and remove the plugins you rarely or never use – but be careful or you may end up with an error message on every load (this happened to me)
Get Foxit PDF Reader (it’s free!)

5 Responses to “Dump Adobe Reader”

  • Nalin Makar Says:

    I know it’s slow, but version 7 is much faster than their previous versions. PDFs load really fast.

  • dan Says:

    or you could just get a mac and use preview for all your quick view pleasure. gifs/jepgs/png/bmp/pdf …

    did i forget anything?

  • r080 Says:

    Nalin, he means the startup time of adobe itself. Once adobe is running, stuff loads fine, but that first pdf is a doozy.

  • kari Says:

    You know..I was just thinking about this today at work because nearly everything on our staff website at work is in PDF and I HATE IT! I am not talking about the start up or first PDF, but all of them…maybe this is a different problem..

  • Nalin Makar Says:

    r080… i was talking about the start up time too…. it’s not that great… but it’s much faster as compared to version 6…

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