Caught in their spell

I can see so clearly now… but I’m still hooked…

I returned Hotel Rwanda (I’ll post about that later) and… ate breakfast at McD’s instead of Brueggers (the plan).

I then used my free rental to get Hitch — the movie I wanted to rent yesterday but they were all out.

Now I will be making another trip to McD’s in the next 24 hors to return Hitch. I will try to resist the urge to get a McFlurry, but it will be very, very hard 😉

Not only am I hooked, but I told all my co-workers about it, blogged about it, and almost emailed all my friends about the FREE rental. Which exactly what they want me to do. Then again, besides the mass of uber-processed fatteing food in my belly, I’m really happy with RedBox (although the DVD skipped a few times), just not the restaurant in which it’s located!

Update: Hitch returned. No McFlurry action. No rental action. Cycle broken for now…