I just rented a DVD from McDonald’s…

…and it was great! Vegans, before you stone me, hear me out 😉

McDonalds either owns or is partnering with RedBox Automated DVD Rental.

The gist is this- you select your movies (limited selection of new releases), swipe your card, type in your zip and email, and the machine spits out your DVDs (and emails you a receipt).

The cost is a buck ($1.06) a night per DVD. A screaming deal IMHO (just return them the next night by 10pm) to any location.

Even better, your first rental is FREE:

June 13th – July 11th, First Rental’s on us!

BTW- I rented Hotel Rwanda, anyone want to stop over tonight to watch it with me?


A wholly owned subsidiary of McDonald’s Corporation, Redbox is a leading renter of DVDs through automated kiosks. Redbox continues to revolutionize the DVD rental industry as it expands its footprint inside grocery stores such as Smith’s Food & Drug Stores, Giant and Stop & Shop, McDonald’s restaurants, and other locations.