Warnings and Promises

Glenn Mcdonald takes the record industry to task for… well… failing as an industry. I find myself in a similar place- I still buy CDs, I don’t download off filesharing services… but I still have some (not much) music I haven’t purchased on my iPod, because:

1. I can’t buy it, or
2. It’s ridiculously expensive in the US, or
3. I simply don’t listen to it and thus don’t get around to deleting it, or
4. I can’t remember if I own it or not

Am I a criminal, or just an average tech savvy consumer?

From the article:

But I have also now started stealing your music. I haven’t stolen much, but I’m sure you will agree that the moral issue is not merely one of quantity. I have been one of the last independent apologists for a moral kernel, elusive now to perhaps the point of imagination, in your corrupt and desperate retreat, but now even I have given up. I still buy, but now I also steal. You have forfeited your right to my loyalty. And maybe you’re too lost and beaten to care, and even more likely it’s too late to matter, but for a few minutes I’m going to pretend that neither of those things are so. I’m going to pretend that you’re still capable of awareness and reason, and in a spirit of truth that you long ago stopped deserving, while I’ve still taken little enough to list, I’m going to tell you exactly what I have stolen from you, and why.

Warnings and Promises