The Gerson Therapy – too good to be true?

Earlier today, after crashing (and napping) from a sugar overload (damn salt water taffy!) I awoke and turned on the TV (again).

There was a show on talking about this supposed cancer cure diet called the Gerson Therapy. I thought I was watching PBS (and was shocked honestly) but it turns out it was cable access.

The program was quite convincing (and obviously biased) but I must say I’m intrigued, although the idea of 13 glasses of juice a day and coffee enemas is a bit hard to swallow (pun intended).

It definitely requires more critical research on my part, and perhaps it simply pushing me more towards a organic vegetarian lifestyle is all I need at the moment.

Although if I or anyone near me does get cancer or another serious illness… I may look deeper. The results… were unbelievable.