The Daughters of Freya- An Emailed Mystery

How cool is this idea? Similar to the ARGs Majestic game I played awhile back or the i love bees game for Halo 2, but definitely more ‘approachable’ by the average person.

An email from a desperate friend sends journalist Samantha Dempsey to Marin County north of San Francisco to investigate The Daughters of Freya, a cult that believes sex is the solution to the world’s problems. But she soon finds out there is more to the cult than meets the eye.

A ‘real time’ email mystery delivered straight to your inbox.

The mystery is told through emails exchanged between journalist Samantha Dempsey and the other characters. But instead of reading these emails in a book, they’ll be delivered straight to your inbox, just as if the characters have copied you on the emails they’re sending to each other.

The Daughters of Freya

Update: I’ve joined the group read over at

2 Responses to “The Daughters of Freya- An Emailed Mystery”

  • John Frawley Says:

    read it, loved it. check it out

  • Phaedra Says:

    Well, Majestic and Ilovebees were both technically immersive gaming, whereas Daughters of Freya doesn’t actually allow the reader to participate in the sense of interacting with the characters or changing the plot.

    That said, a lot of us alternate reality gamers are pretty enthusiastic about it.

    There will be a group read of DOF, for the discounted rate of $4, beginning Aug. 1, and Unfiction has set up a forum for discussion for those participating.

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