Jun 30 2005

I just rented a DVD from McDonald’s…

…and it was great! Vegans, before you stone me, hear me out 😉

McDonalds either owns or is partnering with RedBox Automated DVD Rental.

The gist is this- you select your movies (limited selection of new releases), swipe your card, type in your zip and email, and the machine spits out your DVDs (and emails you a receipt).

The cost is a buck ($1.06) a night per DVD. A screaming deal IMHO (just return them the next night by 10pm) to any location.

Even better, your first rental is FREE:

June 13th – July 11th, First Rental’s on us!

BTW- I rented Hotel Rwanda, anyone want to stop over tonight to watch it with me?


A wholly owned subsidiary of McDonald’s Corporation, Redbox is a leading renter of DVDs through automated kiosks. Redbox continues to revolutionize the DVD rental industry as it expands its footprint inside grocery stores such as Smith’s Food & Drug Stores, Giant and Stop & Shop, McDonald’s restaurants, and other locations.

Jun 29 2005

Laptop buying advice

People are always asking me about these cheap laptops they see advertised. I thought I’d write down my advice so I can just refer people here.

A laptop is bad thing to cut corners on. You are pretty much stuck with what you buy for the life of the machine.

Celerons are slow — try to stay away from them. The cost you pay in speed in frustation may be greater than the discount. Think long term here people.

Pentium M = Centrino. Same processor, different motherboard.

WiFi cards are basically comparable. The Dell card works just as well as the Intel one. That said, my Centrino laptop works flawlessly.

256MB RAM is not enough. Do not even consider running Windows XP on less than 512MB, especially with integrated video!

Add $50-$100 to get a decent amount of RAM if you buy from Crucial and install yourself. Otherwise add double those costs (Dell cut the system cost to the bone, they are going to ream you on upgrades).

RAM is really easy to install – you can do it yourself. Alternatively, the dinner you make/buy for a geek to install it is less than the cost DELL will charge you (roughly 100% of the unit cost) — and a geek gets a nutritious meal. Win-Win.

I would stay away from hard drives under 40 GB … in this day and age, that’s just too small. I have a 20 GB iPod that is 3 years old. Think about it.

Jun 28 2005

Google Video now offering viewable videos

One of which… is my Car Ride Vlog.

It’s Windows only at the moment (you have to use the Google Video player – a 1 MB download).

I hope they add a direct link to the video – watching it in the tiny preview window is kind of disappointing.

Jun 27 2005


I got a lungi.

It’s pretty great.

I wore it to church.

I like my lungi.

It’s not a skirt.

Jun 24 2005

I love my Civic

Car= Back, Nick = Happy

Wahoo! I finally got my car back after the accident. After almost a month of driving an SUV (thanks Mom!) it’s nice to have my little Civic back. Abscence truly makes the heart grow fonder.

There is one one glitch though: my radio doesn’t turn on. Could be a blown fuse or a loose wire, but either way, no tunes for Nick for the time being.

Jun 24 2005

2005 MIT Weblog Survey

I just took the 2005 MIT Weblog Survey … if you’re a blogger, you should too.

Take the MIT Weblog Survey